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Esther Cheung Award 2019

Dear Congress 2019 Attendee,
Thank you all for participating in this year’s CCLA’s conference. In order to honour Esther Cheung, the CCLA’s keynote speaker in 2006 whose enormous contributions to Comparative Literature in Hong Kong were tragically cut short in 2015, the CCLA awards the best paper presented at the annual Congress by a graduate student, underemployed and early career (non-tenure-track) academic a $250 prize. You can more information about the award here: 
If you would like your paper to be considered for this prestigious award, please submit it to this email address: by June 24, 2019. The paper must be submitted without your name on it as this is a blind competition. 
Also, if you have heard a stellar paper during the CCLA’s program by a graduate student that you would like to nominate for the award, please send that information in as well by June 24, 2019.
Once again, we thank you all for making this year’s conference another wonderful one.
Laurence Sylvain, Early Scholar Representative, CCLA

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