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CfP: Tusaaji: A Translation Review

Tusaaji: A Translation Review

Call for papers – Inaugural Issue


Language subjugates and liberates. It is the material of conformity and consent as well as of change and emancipation. Translation, by definition an act of transformation in and through language, is a site and an act of emancipatory potential. This inaugural issue of Tusaaji seeks to address the question of translation as a potentially emancipatory practice. We invite papers on translation as an embodied practice of liberation, as a revolutionary interpretive/performative act, and as a source of changing cartographies and designs. We welcome explorations of emerging voices, languages, and ways of knowing, and examinations of the transformative nature of these movements and processes.

Given the journal’s focus, we invite papers with a hemispheric outlook, particularly ones that address emancipatory and decolonial language and translation praxis. Each issue of Tusaaji comprises primarily articles. We consider contributions in the languages of the Americas, both Euro-American and indigenous. Each issue also includes a translation section and a visual arts section. For the translation section we invite submissions of translations in any genre, related to the issue’s theme, and between any of the languages of the journal–preference will be given to translations from or into a minoritized language. For the visual arts section we also accept submissions related to each issue’s theme.

Deadline: September 1, 2011.

Submissions can be sent directly through the website of Tusaaji: A Translation Review You may also contact the journal editor at

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