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CFP: Joint panel between CCLA and ACQL for Congress 2024



Title of Panel:   Cancel  Culture Versus Literary Studies

Academic institutions in the free world have traditionally promoted free speech, critical inquiry and academic freedom. In North America we have supported research and teaching that allows us to investigate and speak on controversial questions. Since 2016 cancel culture has negatively affected free speech on many university campuses.

Cancel culture has negative connotations in the debate about freedom of speech and censorship. Proponents of cancel culture often demonstrate an intolerance of opposing views, a practice of public shaming, ostracism and silencing. They have a tendency to reduce a complex question into a blinding moral certainty. De-platforming takes place despite the CAUT Policy Statement on Academic Freedom, Electronic Communication and Social Media.

In this panel we will attempt to consider questions such as:

What are the effects of cancel culture on literary studies in Canada?

Can we still critically examine controversial questions such as: cultural differences, racism, political correctness, gender identity, misogyny, ethnic identity, or slavery with out fear of being censored, canclled, shamed or ostracised?

This is a joint sponsored panel between  ACQL and  CCLA

Send proposals for this panel to  Joseph Pivato by email attachment to

Proposals should be no more than 200 words.

Include a short bio of 50 words with affiliation and email address.

 Deadline is  15  January, 2024.