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Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

The Canadian Comparative Literature Association/Association Canadienne de Littérature Comparée (CCLA/ACLC) voices its solidarity with Black Lives Matter, and with demonstrators around the world protesting the vicious murder of George Floyd. Our association is committed to fighting anti-Black racism, anti-Asian racism, institutionalized racist violence, and the perpetuation of whiteness, both in our academic field and beyond. The CCLA/ACLC acknowledges that racism is particularly acute in universities, where comparative literature is often practiced, and that years of dedication is needed from everyone both to foster anti-racist policies, and to change attitudes and perceptions of Black people. We further acknowledge that racism tends to perpetuate through diverse channels, promoting inequality and discrimination against BIPOC, women and trans people, and sexual minorities. To that end, the CCLA/ACLC calls to defund the police and other organizations that promote violence against these communities. We vow to continue exploring ways of rejecting anti-Black racism, and to celebrating and promoting Blackness and Black-centered scholarship.

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