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Drain: AIDS and Memory

Drain is pleased to announce its new issue, AIDS and Memory.

Edited by Ricky Varghese, this issue explores the ethical, socio-political and cultural stakes at hand in thinking memory, or commemoration, in the same instance as the aesthetic representation of AIDS. What might these artistic instances open up for with respect to dialogue, and thereby articulate, in their attempt to represent both the struggle to commemorate historical loss and the ever-present impulse to never forget these losses? How are artists, theorists and cultural producers taking these stakes into consideration in light of how the very lived experiences of AIDS change and evolve across racial, gendered, sexual, and classed divides and temporalities? Is it, in the final analysis, possible to think the ‘impossible’ as such when it comes to AIDS?

This issue showcases new work by feature artist Vincent Chevalier, essays byAlexandra Juhasz, Oliver Penny, Kate Bride (with a prologue by Amber Dean), Katrin Köppert and Todd Sekuler, Jaime Shearn Coan, Ryan Conrad andFrancisco-Fernando Granados, and thought experiments by Ralph Carl WushkeAmy KazymerchykTheodore KerrCait McKinney and Stephanie Youngblood.

It also includes a collaborative effort between Drain and Visual AIDS, a web gallery curated by John Paul Ricco.

The issue as well includes interviews by Kris Cohen and Abigail Susik with Douglas Crimp, Christopher Smith with AJAMU,Michele Pearson Clarke with Elel Jee (Liz Gibson-DeGroote) and a dialogue between Jordan Arseneault and Jon Henry.

Please see our Call for Entries for the future issue on Dirt.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the making of the issue.

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