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ACLA Seminar: Comparing Fashion Tales of Travel and Translation

ACLA Seminar: Comparing Fashion Tales of Travel and Translation (

For the ACLA Annual Meeting in Utrecht, July 6-9, 2017, deadline for submissions: Sept. 23, 2016

Organizer: Markus Reisenleitner

The fashion system is replete with imaginaries of spatial, temporal and social alterity. While fashion studies has produced ample research that traces the material flows and global centres of garment and image production, the translational aspects of the fashion system’s global circulation have not yet played a major role in methodological approaches. Comparative approaches that mobilize concepts of cultural, stylistic and linguistic translation provide an opportunity to expose the convergences of, and fissures within, the global fashion system and thus add to the methodological toolkit for approaching fashion as a context in which affects, identities and personal and social transformations are negotiated and exposed in literature, film, print and digital media, and other venues.

This seminar is interested in papers that explore fashion and style-related issues from the perspective of linguistic or cultural translation understood broadly and fluidly, that is, with a recognition that the languages involved, whether linguistic, visual, etc., are constantly in process and transformed in space and time.

Papers might address topics such as:

  • The reach, and limits, of global English in specific local fashion contexts
  • Bilinguality or multilinguality in the life stories and life writings of fashion personalities
  • Fashion magazines that have had editions in multiple languages
  • The fashion system’s national academic traditions, theories, and translations
  • The Europeanness of Italian and French fashion in North American and Asian contexts
  • The languages of luxury, celebrity, street-style, punk, or other looks
  • The languages of fashion performances and their mediatizations
  • Fashion capitals as metonymies of national styles vs global brands

Please submit your paper proposal through the ACLA’s online submission portal, which will open from Sept. 1 to 23: If you neglect to submit a paper abstract before the deadline (Sept. 23rd), your paper will not be considered.

Any questions can be directed to: Markus Reisenleitner (

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