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Congress 2019: Final Program


Annual Meeting of the Canadian Comparative Literature Association (CCLA) / Colloque annuel de l’association canadienne de littérature comparée (ACLC)

University of British Columbia June 2 – 4 juin 2019

Circles of Conversation / Cercles de conversation


Conference Program Chair/ Président du colloque: Joshua Synenko, Trent University

SAMEDI/ SATURDAY – June 1 juin 2019

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING (for members of the executive) – Réunion du comité exécutif: 16:00–18:00

Room/ Salle: HENN 301

DIMANCHE/ SUNDAY – June 2 juin 2019

Session 1/Séance 1: 8:00–10:00

National Literature in Multination States 1—Canadian Literature

Chair/Président: Albert Braz

Room/Salle: HENN 304

Matthew Cormier, University of Alberta, “Working Through Cultural Memory to Represent National Identity: The Paradigm of Acadian Literature”

Sheheryar B. Sheikh, University of Saskatchewan, “Creating Indo-Pak in Canadian Cities: National Identity among Mississauga Squatters Prairie Desis”

Matthew Tétreault, University of Alberta, “Literary Resistance? Situating a Métis National Literature”

Paul D. Morris, Université de Saint- Boniface, “The Governor General’s Literary Awards and the State of the Canadian Nation”

Comparative Canadian Literature: New Directions

Chair/Président: Joseph Pivato

Joint panel with ACQL

Room/Salle: BUCH D315

Special time: 8:30–10:15

Anne Quema, Acadia University, “New Reading Directions: Nicole Brossard’s Aesthetic of Thought”

May Telmissany, University of Ottawa, “Hell and Blood: Murderous Identities in Lebanese-Canadian Literature”

Katharina Logan, University of Toronto, “The Autobiographical Impulse and Language Choice in the work of Italian-Canadian Writers”

Spaces of Conversation Havana to Tokyo: Paint, Performance, Photography, Print

Chair/Présidente: Susan Ingram

Room/Salle: HENN 301

Adriana Onita, University of Alberta, “Expanding the Circle of CanLit Poetry: The Case of The Polyglot Magazine”

Mimi Okabe, University of Alberta, “The City as Playground: Detection, Crime and Urban Space in J.B Dijian’s and Oliver Legrand’s The Baker Street Four

Elena Siemens, University of Alberta, “Two Squares and a Circle: Street Theatre in NYC, Moscow, and London”

10:00–10:30 BREAK/ PAUSE (coffee/café)

Session 2/ Séance 2: 10:30–12:00

National Literature in Multination States 2—African and African-American Literatures

Chair/Président: Paul D. Morris

Room/Salle: HENN 304

Albert Braz, University of Alberta, “Nigeria’s Other Civil War: Ken Saro-Wiwa and Ogoni Literary Nationalism”

Uchechukwu Umezurike, University of Alberta, and Obari Gomba, University of Port Harcourt, “‘Write Only the Truth’: (Re) Imagining the Nation in Ogochukwu Promise’s Outrage, Chimeka Garricks’s Tomorrow Died Yesterday, and Helon Habila’s Oil on Water

Circle Jerk, Or Pleasure and the Question of Masculinity—Techne/Craft

Chair/Président: Ricky Varghese

Room/Salle: HENN 302

Steven Dashiell, University of Maryland Baltimore County, “Right in Front of My Salad”: Examining ‘Caught Gay’ Sex Videos as Representations of Hybrid Masculinity”

Jonathan Allan, Brandon University, “Clean Cut: Circumcision Debates in Men’s Magazines”

Eftihia Mihelakis, Brandon University, “From the Beaver Hunt to Sexting: Histories of Self-Produced Sexual Material”

Nicholas Hauck, Brock University, “‘The Rain it Takes to Learn the Limits of the Self’: Wetness, Masculinity, and the Erotics of Innocence in Andrew McMillan’s Playtime

Roundtable: Fashion and Empowerment

This roundtable brings together scholars and professionals to discuss fashion in relation to protest, dissent, activism, feminism, empowerment, social change, and education.

Chair/Président: Ben Barry

Room/Salle: HENN 301

Ben Barry, Ryerson University

Evan Ducharme, Designer

Jess Montgomery, Think the World Differently

Elena Siemens, University of Alberta

12:00–13:30 PAUSE/ BREAK (lunch options on campus)


Joint CAUTG/CCLA Keynote Address/Conférence d’honneur

Chair/Président: Stephan Jaeger, University of Manitoba

Room/Salle: SWNG 122

Wulf Kansteiner, Aarhus University, “Genocide in the 21st Century: The Failures and Promises of Remembering Digital Trauma Culture”

Financial support for this session was provided by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

15:00 – 15:15 pm BREAK/ PAUSE (coffee/café)

Session 3 / Séance 3: 15:15–16:45

National Literature in Multination States 3—Literature of the Iberian World

Chair/Présidente: Doris Hambuch

Room/Salle: HENN 304

Iker Arranz, UCSB, “The 98’s Generation and Censorship: A Reinforcement of National Identity in Post-War Spain from the Perspective of Master-Slave Dialectics”

Jerry White, Dalhousie University, “Où se trouve la comparaison dans la littérature nord-catalane?: The Example of Joan- Daniel Bezsonof”

Circle Jerk, Or Pleasure and the Question of Masculinity—Poiesis/Art

Chair/Président: Ricky Varghese

Room/Salle: HENN 302

Ania Wroblewski, University of Arizona, “Revenge Porn Before the Internet: The Ethics of Disclosure in French Daily Libération (1983)”

Frank G. Karioris, University of Pittsburgh, “Intimō: Warhol and the Pleasure of the Familiar”

Fan Wu, University of Toronto, “A Porn Voyeur’s Discourse”

Ricky Varghese, Toronto Institute of Psychoanalysis, “An Orgasm by Any Other Name”

Contemporary Asian Film and Film Adaptation

Chair/Présidente: Lily Tarba

Room/Salle: HENN 301

Jessica Tsui-yan Li, York University, “Supernatural Thoughts and Human Agency in Lillian Lee’s Literature and Film Adaptations”

Kaby Kung, Open University of Hong Kong, “Reconstruction of the Cinderella Formula in Crazy Rich Asians

Jing Xu, York University, “(De)Constructing the Ambivalent National Boundaries in the Cinematic City of Harbin”

Terry Yip, Baptist University of Hong Kong, “Shades of Shadows in Zhang Yomou’s film Shadow

16:45–17:00 BREAK/ PAUSE (coffee/café)

Session 4 / Séance 4: 17:00–18:30

Circling in on the Stars

Chair/Présidente: Elena Siemens

Room/Salle: HENN 304

Kathryn Franklin, University of Toronto, Scarborough, “Spheres of Glamour in Hollywood North: Toronto’s Drag Performance in Richard Benner’s Outrageous!

Susan Ingram, York University, “The Blackest Star: Bowie’s Necropolitical Fight for the Finish”

Gender, Resistance and Redemption

Chair/Présidente: Elaine Morton

Room/Salle: HENN 302

Doris Hambuch, United Arab Emirates University, “Girls with Bicycles: Whale Rider and Wadjda

Yingchun Fan, Harvard University, “Redemption Through Circles: Comparative Observation of Zong Pu and Li Yu’s Writing Dilemmas and Explorations of Redemption”

Yan (Belinda) Wang, University of Alberta, “The Transgender Yu Jiaolong: Wang Dulu and the May Fourth Gender Discourse”

Elaine Morton, York University, “Socio-Emotional Spaces Inhabited by Female Fairy Tale Characters in The Little Mermaid and its Cinematic Adaptations”

Scaling Aesthetic Theory

Chair/Présidente: Monique Tschofen

Room/Salle: HENN 301

Jonathan Bordo, Trent University, “Poisoned Mimesis: Notes of a Critical Genealogy of a Single Burtynsky Image”

Monique Tschofen, Ryerson University, “Seeing Aslant: Reconsidering Art as Theory”

Alexandra Irimia, Western University, “Encounters and Vertigos in the Hermeneutic Circle: Kafka, Celan, and Buber – Three Conversations in the Mountains”

18:30 President’s Reception – Réception du recteur

LUNDI / MONDAY – June 3 juin 2018

Session 5/Séance 5: 8:00–10:00

Transnational Literatures, Translocal Identities

Chair/Président: Miguel Nenevé

Room/Salle: HENN 304

Miguel Nenevé, University of Rondonia, “‘The Devil Has to Do With Cold, Not Heat as Most People Think’: South and North America in Two Stories About Caribbeans in Canada”

Busra Copuroglu, Western University, “Circles of (Textual) Communities: Perpetuity in the Vortex of East and West”

Michelle O’Brien, Central Washington University, “Transpacific Circuits in Leanne Dunic’s To Love the Coming End

Naghmeh Esmaeilpour, Humboldt University, “Mobility and Narrative: A Comparative Study of Iranian and American Literature”

Articulations spatiales et temporelles: Entre ruptures et répétitions

Chair/Présidente: Jeanne Mathieu- Lessard

Room/Salle: HENN 302

Louis-Thomas Leguerrier, Université de Montréal, and Jeanne Mathieu-Lessard, Université d’Ottawa, « ‘Turn Those Clapping Hands into Angry Balled Fists’ – Un western dans une chambre de banlieue »

Han Fei, UBC, « Le travail de mémoire dans l’écriture migrante : Ru et Le Champ dans la mer »

Mustafa Karayilan, Eskişehir Osmangazi University, « La littérature comparée en Turquie: une discipline qui néglige les plus proches »

Xuan Zhao, Université d’Ottawa, « Les Voies du Vide dans l’écriture transculturelle picturale de Shan Sa et de Dany Laferrière »

Probing National Boundaries

Chair/Président: Pietro Giordan

Room/Salle: HENN 301

Pietro Giordan, York University, “Beautiful Spheres and Open-ended Narratives: Chinese Literature from the Early 20th Century”

Lily Tarba, University of Toronto, “Nostalgia, Wartime, and the Nation in Grigol Orbeliani’s Odes

Kwok-kan Tam, Hang Seng University of Hong Kong, “Cultural Negotiation in Singapore and Hong Kong Postcolonial Anglophone Writings”

Sabujkoli Bandopadhyay, University of Regina, “Intersections of Nationhood, Multiculturalism and Globalization in Indo-Canadian Fiction”

10:00–10:30 BREAK/ PAUSE (coffee/café)


Joint CCLA/CACLAS/ACCUTE Keynote Address/Conférence d’honneur

Chair/Président: Joshua Synenko, Trent University

David Palumbo-Liu, Stanford University, “Ethics Before Comparison”

Room/Salle: CHEM B250

Financial support for this session was provided by the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences.

12:00–13:30 PAUSE/ BREAK (lunch options on campus)

Session 6/Séance 6: 13:30–15:00

Poetics, Ideas, Structures: Situating the Poetic Object 1

Joint panel with ACCUTE

Chair/Présidente: Julia Polyck-O’Neill

Room/Salle: BUCH B209

Jessica MacEachern, Université de Montréal, “Daring Ontology: Becoming Lovers of Erín Moure’s Citizen Trilogy”

Psyfun Mustary, University of British Columbia, “Sounds, Multitemporalities and Diffraction: Reading Leanne Simpson’s Islands of Decolonial Love vis-à-vis Rebecca Belmore’s Performances”

Gregory Betts, Brock University, “Out of Time, Intime: Reverse Eschatology in bpNichol’s Transcolonial Modernism”

Roundtable: New Editing and Legitimizing Practices in Comparative Literature and Digital Humanities: A Manifesto 1

Joint panel with CSDH

This roundtable aims to rethink the modalities for creating, disseminating, and legitimating our research, and to produce a collective manifesto around these subjects.

Chairs/Présidentes: Jeanne Mathieu- Lessard and Servanne Monjour

Room/Salle: HENN 302

Speakers/ Intervenant.e.s:

Vanessa Cimon-Lambert, Transverse Journal

Erwan Geffroy, Université de Montréal and Université Rennes 2

Margot Mellet, Université de Montréal

Markus Reisenleitner, York University

Nicolas Sauret, Université de Montréal and Université Paris Ouest

Joshua Synenko, Trent University

Marcello Vitali-Rosati, Université de Montréal

Jewish, Literary and Queer: Circling Around Identity

Chair/Président: Shlomo Gleibman

Room/Salle: HENN 301

Shlomo Gleibman, York University, “Circles of Learning and Desire: Rethinking Biblical Texts and Modern Identities in Singer’s Queer Stories”

Christine F. Smith, Independent Scholar, “Circles and Squares: Literature Discussion through Queer Lenses”

Carrie Bettel, York University, “The ‘New Jew,’ The ‘Placeless Palestinian,’ The ‘Hybrid Israeli-Palestinian’: Conversations of Identity in Israel and Palestine”

Debra Danilewitz, Bialik Hebrew Day School, “Incorporating Children’s Mindfulness Picturebooks in Bibliotherapy”

15:00 – 15:15 PAUSE / BREAK (coffee/café)

15:15 – 16:45

Roundtable : Transcultural Dialogues: Chinese Canadian Identities

Room/Salle: HENN 200

Speakers/ Intervenant.e.s:

Lily Cho, York University

Jack Hang-tat Leong, University of Toronto

Jessica Tsui-yan Li, York University

Guida Man, York University

Kwok-kan Tam, Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

16:45 – 18:00 Annual General Meeting / Assemblée générale annuelle

Room/Salle: HENN 200

19:30 – 22:00 CCLA Soirée de l’ACLC

Biercraft Westbrook at UBC, 3340 Shrum Lane

MARDI / TUESDAY – June 4 juin 2018

Session 7/Séance 7: 8:30–10:00

Beyond Good: Reading a Toronto of the Urban Imaginary

Joint panel with ACCUTE

Chairs/Président.e.s: Lee Frew and Kathryn Franklin

Room/Salle: BUCH B209

Stephanie Butler, University of Toronto, “‘Thank-You, Canada!’: Anglo-Torontonian Women’s Care-Giving during World War II”

Misao Dean, University of Victoria, “Habitat Recovery: The Don Valley as a Setting for Alissa York’s Fauna

Sebastian Johnston-Lindsay, Trent University, “White Places, Black Faces and Be/Longing in Dionne Brand’s Toronto”

Trauma, Memory and the Profane

Chair/Président: Jonathan Bordo

Room/Salle: HENN 302

Andrew Young, University of Toronto, “Infectious Freedom: Freud and the Fear of Haiti”

Josh Dawson, SUNY Buffalo, “The Circularity of Traumatic Time: Robert Arthur Alexie’s Porcupines and China Dolls

Lourdes Arciniega, St. Mary’s University, “Archiving the Future: The Circular Role of Memory and Performance in Station Eleven

Amna Tariq, University of Management and Technology, “The Complexity of Sacred and Profane Inside ‘Sacred’ Spaces in Patrick Suskind’s Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Cercle de conversation sur la transcendance du littéraire

Chair/Président: Louis-Thomas Leguerrier

Room/Salle: HENN 301

Laurence Sylvain, Université de Montréal, « De trans- à theoria : résistance et cécité du savoir littéraire »

Louis-Thomas Leguerrier, Université de Montréal, « La théorie à l’époque de sa marchandisation : transcendance et valeur d’échange chez Theodor W. Adorno »

10:00 – 10:30 PAUSE / BREAK (coffee/café)

Session 8/Séance 8: 10:30–12:00

Poetics, Ideas, Structures: Situating the Poetic Object 2

Joint panel with ACCUTE

Chair/Présidente: Julia Polyck-O’Neill

Room/Salle: BUCH B209

Judith Scholes, University of British Columbia, “Receiving Emily: Dickinson’s Epistolary Poetics”

Mallory Smith, University of Calgary, “The Body Poetic: Identity Politics and Embodied Concepts in the Work of Harryette Mullen”

Dominic Hardy, Université du Québec à Montréal, “For a ‘poetics of art’s histories’”

Visual Worlds of Colonial Reverberation

Chair/Présidente: Marcia Leticia Gomes Room/Salle:

HENN 302

Mark Terry, York University, “The Geo-Doc: Remediating the Documentary Film as an Instrument of Social Change with Locative Theory and Technology”

Marcia Leticia Gomes, University of Rondonia, “Who Tells and Who is Told in Amazon’s History? A Reading of the Chronicles of Grão-Pará and Rio Negro

Peripheral Matters

Chair/Président: John Vanderheide

Room/Salle: HENN 301

Aleksandra Bida, Ryerson University, “A Space for Meaningful Conversation in and Beyond Narrative Games”

Lee Dylan Campbell, York University, “Ludic Fiction and the Limits of Play”

John Vanderheide, Huron College, “‘We gave it a circular form, but only for laughs’: On the Circle, Circularity and Circulation of Comedy”

12:00–13:30 PAUSE / BREAK (lunch options on campus)

Session 9/Séance 9: 13:30–15:00

Surviving in Divergent Worlds

Chair/Présidente: Lily Li

Room/Salle: HENN 304

Neil H. Wright, Eastern Kentucky University, “Perilous Undercurrents: Plumbing the Depths of the Absurd in Lou Ye’s Suzhou River

Lily Li, Eastern Kentucky University, “Fatal Betrayal and the Persistent Memory in Lou Ye’s Summer Palace”

Fei Shi, Quest University Canada, “Queer Intimacies and their Discontents: Gender and Sexual Politics in Lou Ye’s Spring Fever

New Editing and Legitimizing Practices in Comparative Literature and Digital Humanities: A Manifesto—2

Joint panel with CSDH

This roundtable aims to rethink the modalities for creating, disseminating, and legitimating our research, and to produce a collective manifesto around these subjects.

Chairs/Présidentes: Jeanne Mathieu-Lessard and Servanne Monjour

Room/Salle: HENN 302

Speakers/ Intervenant.e.s:

Vanessa Cimon-Lambert, Transverse Journal

Erwan Geffroy, Université de Montréal and Université Rennes 2

Margot Mellet, Université de Montréal

Markus Reisenleitner, York University

Nicolas Sauret, Université de Montréal and Université Paris Ouest

Joshua Synenko, Trent University

Marcello Vitali-Rosati, Université de Montréal

Circling Back to National Literatures

Chair/Présidente: Busra Copuroglu

Room/Salle: HENN 301

Sobia Kiran, York University, “Comparative/World Literature and the Problematic of Translation”

Carole Hoyan, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, “Reading Eileen Chang as a World Literature Author”

Gary Kelly, University of Alberta, “National Circles of Conversation? Languages, Literatures, and Irish Identity Since Seathrún Céitinn (Geoffrey Keating)”

15:00–15:15 PAUSE / BREAK (coffee/tea)


Book Launch and 50th Anniversary Celebration

Room/Salle: HENN 200

A book launch event featuring recently published volumes edited by members of CCLA

De Gasperi, G., and Pivato, J., Eds. Comparative Literature for the New Century.

Morris, P., Ed. Le Canada: une culture de métissage / Transcultural Canada.

Tam, K. K. Ibsen, Power and the Self – Postsocialist Chinese Experimentations in Stage Performance and Film (Novus Press, 2019).

Tam, K. K. The Englishized Subject – Postcolonial Writings in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia (Springer, 2019).