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Esther Cheung Award Winner 2018

This year’s winner of the Esther Cheung Award is Sophie-Claudine Desroches, Université de Montreal, for her paper “‘This is Your Fourth Shore’: The Return of the Colonial Past in Antonio Tabucchi’s Piazza d’Italia” presented at Congress 2018 in Regina, SK.

The judges had this to say about this year’s winning paper: Drawing upon Rothberg’s theory of multidirectional memory, as well as upon the critical concepts of counter-memory and lieu de mémoire, a site of memory, this paper explores the colonial subtext of Antonio Tabucchi’s novel, Piazza d’Italia, as an example of defiance of dominant historical narratives, rewriting history from the viewpoint of those silenced in the structures of colonial and gender oppression.

The CCLA Esther Cheung Award goes to the best paper presented at the annual Congress by a graduate student, underemployed and early career (non-tenure-track) academic. The award is valued at $250.

Congratulations to Sophie-Claudine Desroches and to all those who presented at Congress this year.

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