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CCLA Final Program


Annual Meeting of the Canadian Comparative Literature Association (CCLA)
Le congrès annuel de l’association canadienne de littérature comparée (ACLC)

Ryerson University 2017

May 28-30 mai


From Here to There: Diversity and Interdisciplinarity in the Practice of Comparative Literature

/ De l’ici à l’ailleurs : Diversité et interdisciplinarité dans la pratique de la littérature comparée




Conference Program Chair/ Présidente du colloque:
Jessica Tsui-yan Li, York University



CCL(x)17 – Re-Viewing Comparative Literature: Issues of Scholarship and Publishing in the Contemporary Conjuncture

SAMEDI/ SATURDAY – May 27 mai 2017
Room/ SalleVIC-Victoria 105

9:30 – Welcome

9:45-11:00 – Canadian and Indigenous Issues

Chair: Albert Braz (University of Alberta)

Heather Macfarlane (Queen’s University)

Cheryl Suzack (University of Toronto)

Simon Harel (Université de Montréal)

11:00-11:15 – Coffee Break

11:15-12:30 – Issues of English and Other Languages

Chair: Paul Morris (Universite? de Saint-Boniface)

Jerry White (Dalhousie University)

Nasrin Rahimieh (University of California, Irvine)

Doris Hambuch (United Arab Emirates University)

12:30-13:30 – Lunch (options on campus)

13:30-14:45 – Comparative Literature in Canada and Issues of Outreach

Chair: Jessica Tsui-yan Li (York University)

Eva-Lynn Jagoe (University of Toronto)

Jan Plug (University of Western Ontario)

Cristina Santos (Brock University)

14:45-15:00 – Coffee Break


15:00-16:15 – Digital Knowledge and Publishing

Chair: Markus Reisenleitner (York University)

Pan Lu (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Eleanor Ty (Wilfrid Laurier University)

Joshua Synenko (Trent University)


16:15-16:30 Wrap-up

EXECUTIVE BOARD MEETING (for members of the CCLA executive): 16:30-18:30
Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 101

Ashineu aimun / La poésie, ça se vit la nuit / Poetry Lives at Night : An Indigenous Poetry Night

8pm+ Imperial Pub, 54 Dundas St. E., Toronto (Co-sponsored by CCLA and CRCL)


CCLA/ACLC Annual Meeting 2017

DIMANCHE/ SUNDAY – May 28 mai 2017

9:30-10:30   Keynote Address/ Conférence d’honneur

Chair/Présidente: Jessica Tsui-yan Li, York University

Room/Salle: KHE-Kerr East 117



Kwok-kan Tam (Chair Professor and Dean of School of Arts and Social Sciences, The Open University of Hong Kong),
“Art and Ideology in China’s Postsocialist Stage Productions of Ibsen’s Plays”
(Co-sponsored by CCLA, Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Richard Charles Lee Canada-Hong Kong Library at the University of Toronto, and Department of English and Faculty of Arts at Ryerson University; co-organized by CCLA, CACLAS, and ACCUTE)


10 :30-11 :00 BREAK/ PAUSE (coffee/café)


Session 1/Séance 1   11:00 – 12:30


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 101


Bodily Processes – Cultural Techniques


Chair/Présidente: Monique Tschofen, Ryerson University


Jeanne Mathieu-Lessard, University of Toronto, “Eyes, Nose, Moustache, Stomach: Humour and Bodily Parts”


Monique Tschofen, Ryerson University, “Vision Prosthetics and Technological Frames: Seeing in the Canadian War Comic”


Stefanie Heine, University of Toronto, “Breathing Pauses from Ancient Rhetoric to the Beat Generation”

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 104


De l’ici à l’ailleurs : Diversité et interdisciplinarité dans la pratique de la littérature comparée

Chair/Président: Lambert Barthélémy, Université de Poitiers


Roswitha Böhm, Technische Universität Dresden, “Représentations esthétiques de la migration dans la littérature de l’extrême contemporain”


Lambert Barthélémy, Université de Poitiers, “Stalker: art, repas, narration”



Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 109


Changing Representations of East Asian Women Stereotypes in Transnational Popular Culture


Chair/Présidente: Kaby Wing-sze Kung, Open University of Hong Kong


Chase Chun-lung Ma, Open University of Hong Kong, “Visual Manipulation of East Asian Women in American Pop Female Performances”


Kaby Wing-sze Kung, Open University of Hong Kong, “The Reconstruction of the Image of Chinese Female Immigrants in Full Moon in New York, Siao Yu and Finding Mr. Right


12:30 – 13:30 PAUSE/ BREAK (lunch options on campus)


Session 2 / Séance 2 13:30 – 15:30 pm


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 101


New Media/New Methods: Comparative Literature on the Edge


Chair/Présidente: Andrea C. Valente, York University


Rasoul Aliakbari, University of Alberta, “What is Comparative Print Culture, and Why Should It Matter? A Critical Introduction Based on the Arabian Nights Bibliographies”


Andrea C. Valente, York University, “Shaking, Spinning and Entangling under Complexity Theories: A Case Study in Digital Autobiographies”


Guy Risko, Bard Early College, “New Formalism as/of Critique: On Serial Criticism and New Media”


Karin Beeler and Stan Beeler, University of Northern British Columbia, “Televisual Bricolage and Collaboration: Adapting Television Studies for Video Online Learning”

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 104


Defiant Bodies: Genders, Sexualities, and Literatures


Chair/Présidente: Tegan Zimmerman, Stephens College


Chia-sui (Tracy) Lee, Leiden University, “The Ethics of the Ghostly: A Ghost Medium in J. M. Coetzee’s Life and Times of Michael K


Tegan Zimmerman, Stephens College, “Virtual Rape”


Daniel J. Sander, New York University, “Neo-Boys”


Jordana Greenblatt, University of Toronto, “The Apparatus, Both Literal and Theoretical: Pain, Pleasure, and the Circus Body Without Organs”


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 109


Comparing Fashion Tales of Travel and Translation


Chair/Président: Markus Reisenleitner, York University


Joshua Trichilo, York University, “From Nowhere to Elsewhere: Indonesian Punk Fashion’s Cultural Translation as Socio-political Mobilization”


Nathaniel Weiner, Wilfrid Laurier University, “Buying Japanese: Anglosphere Translations of Japanese Menswear Culture in Online Menswear Communities”


Jen Sweeney, Bard Early College, “Translating Fashion Across the Atlantic: French Fashion and the Fight Against U.S. Racism in the Interwar Period”


Markus Reisenleitner, York University, “Translating and Negotiating Latinidad in L.A.’s Fashion System”

Room/Salle: Vic-Victoria 501



With /avec ACQL

Chair/Président: Joseph Pivato


Eva C. Karpinski, York University, “Self-Translation and/as Neuroplasticity: Re-examining Nancy Huston’s Losing North/Nord perdu and The Tale-Tellers/L’espèce fabulatrice.”


Elena Anna Spanguolo, University of Manchester, “Self-Translation: Giving Voice to a Hybrid Identity”


Tiziana Nannavecchia, University of Ottawa, “Impossible Monolingualism: Self-translation as a Way of Life in Antonio D’Alfonso’s Babel.”


Trish Van Bolderen, University of Ottawa, “Is Nancy Huston a Canadian Self-translator?”


Book Launch: Robert Kroetsch: Essays on His Works, ed. Nicole Markotic



15:30 – 15:45 pm BREAK/ PAUSE (coffee/café)






Session 3 / Séance 3 15:45 – 17:15 pm


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 101


From Here to There: Contemporary Literature and Cinema and the 21st Century Refugee Experience


Chair/Président: Colman Hogan, Ryerson University


Colman Hogan, Ryerson University, “To Will Oneself a Refugee – Asli Erdogan’s City in a Crimson Cloak


Hudson Moura, Ryerson University, “Time of Displacement: Refugees in Cinema”

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 104


The “Middleness” of Middle Eastern Cultural Production: Mediation, Ambiguity, In-Betweenness


Chair/Président: Walid El Khachab, York University


May Telmissany, University of Ottawa, “From the Great North to Palestine: The Nomadic Tribe in Majdi El Omari’s Standstill


Walid El Khachab, York University, “God and Man in the Middle(ness) of the Painting: Performing In-betweeness as Locus of the Sacred”



Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 109


Traversing Genre, Geography, Media: Canada to Dominican Republic to the Wonderful Land of Oz


Chair/Présidente: Doris Hambuch, United Arab Emirates University


Stephen A. Cruikshank, University of Alberta, “From the Mic to the Pen: The Transition of Canadian Singers to Writers”


Doris Hambuch, United Arab Emirates University, “Daughters Here and There in ¡Yo! by Julia Alvarez and That Other Me by Maha Gargash”


Elena Siemens, University of Alberta, “Oz to Vogue: The Ruby Slippers Across Time, Space and Media”




17:00-19:00 President’s Reception/Réception du recteur
Room/Salle: Mattamy Athletic Centre





LUNDI/MONDAY – May 29 mai 2017


Session 4/Séance 4   9:00 – 11:00


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 101


Sex and Sexuality


Chair/Présidente: Jessica Tsui-yan Li, York University


Shlomo Gleibman, York University, “‘Text’ Model of Desire in Yeshiva Narratives: Between Queer Religiosity and Queer Secularity”


Christine Nguyen, York University, “How to Read ‘Love’ in the Time of Fanfiction, Fanart, and Social Media: Examining Yaoi and Boy-Love Manga”


Katie Fry, University of Toronto, “Word, Image, and Gender: A Comparison of Ezra Pound’s ‘Yeux Glauques’ and Adrienne Rich’s ‘Love in the Museum'”


Jessica Tsui-yan Li, York University, “Surrogacy and Agency in Yi Shu’s Fiction”

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 513


ROUNDTABLE: Revisiting and Renewing Critique


Chair/Présidente: Monique Tschofen, Ryerson University


Monique Tschofen, Ryerson University


Dan Browne, Ryerson University


Nataleah Hunter-Young, Ryerson University


Lai-Tze Fan, Concordia University


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 109


Diverse Dialogues on Cinema I: Terrains of Gender


Chair/Présidente: Irene Sywenky, University of Alberta


Irene Sywenky, University of Alberta, “Re-drawing Global Modernities: Limits of Terror and Spaces of Excess in the New Horror Cinema of Eastern Europe”


Asma Sayed, MacEwan University, “Embodying Nationalism: Mothers and Maternal in Indian Cinema”


Elli Dehnavi, University of Alberta, “Blurred Borders of Girlhood: Representations of Girls in Iranian Films”


Cristina Santos, Brock University, “Sacrificial Heroines: Revisioning Girl Warriors in Young Adult Fiction and Film”


11:00 – 11:15 PAUSE/ BREAK (coffee/café)


Session 5/Séance 5   11:15 – 12:45


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 101


Comparative Modernisms


Chair/Présidente: Terry Siu-han Yip, Hong Kong Baptist University


Lauren Beard, University of Toronto, “Nachträglichkeit in Ulysses


Terry Siu-han Yip, Hong Kong Baptist University, “The Shaping of the Modern Self in Twentieth-Century Chinese Literature”


Shengqin Cai, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, “Confession and Reflection in The Master of Petersburg: A Comparative Study of the Intertextuality Based on Coetzee’s and Dostoevsky’s Novels”

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 513


Within and Beyond Nations


Chair/Président: Prathna Lor, University of Toronto


Alexandre Desbiens-Brassard, Western University, “Secret Origins: The Birth of Superman and Tintin as National Icons”


Cristina Caracchini, University of Western Ontario, “Influences, Sources and “Air du Temps”: The Case of Bonheur d’Occasion by Gabrielle Roy”


Prathna Lor, University of Toronto, “Conjunctive Circumstance: Chance, Tragedy, and the Weather in Dionne Brand’s What We All Long For

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 109


Diverse Dialogues on Cinema II: History, Politics and Popular Culture


Chair/Présidente: Khatereh Sheibani, York University


Zaira Zarza, University of Alberta, “Because It Matters: Social Justice Documentary Practice by Cuban Women Filmmakers”


Pascal Michelberger, Brock University, “The Horror of the Spanish Civil War: Álex de la Iglesia’s The Last Circus


Khatereh Sheibani, York University, “The Aesthetics of Femininity and Motherhood in Iranian Cinema (1965-1978)”


12:45 – 13:45              BREAK/ PAUSE (lunch options on campus)


Session 6/Séance 6   13:45 – 15:45


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 101


(Un)familiar Spaces and Places


Chair/Présidente: Susan Ingram, York University


Raluca Cernahoschi, Bates College, “Mountain Magic: Winter Games and the Construction of Transylvanian Space”


Jason Wang, York University, “Urban Walking: Re-configuring the Metropolis on Foot in Post-9/11 Fiction”


Aleksandra Bida, Ryerson University,

“Haunted by Nostalgia: Diverse Homes and Domesticities in Comics and Television”


Susan Ingram, York University, “Party Like it’s 1948: Vancouver’s Peripheral Awakenings”

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 513


Transgressive Figures: Knights, Terrorists, Monsters


Chair/Présidente: Catharine Xiaowen Xu, Syracuse University


Mustapha Hamil, University of Windsor, “Filmic Representation of Terror: Issues and Challenges”


Belinda Yan Wang, University of Alberta, “Daggers in the Hands of Women: Subversive Female Knight-errant in Taiping Guangji


Forrest Johnson, York University, “Euripides’ Cyborg: Intersections of Monstrous Traditions in Feminist Thought”


Catharine Xiaowen Xu, Syracuse University, “Marvellous Transgression: The Assassin in Word and Image”

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 109




Chair/Présidente: Kar Yue Chan, The Open University of Hong Kong


Ming Ming Du, York University, “Pound’s Cathay and Zhu’s Shakespeare Plays: Great Works that Bridge Gaps between East and West”


Lisandra Sousa, The King’s University, “Oswald de Andrade’s Portuguese Language-as-Translation and the Double-Consciousness of the Nation”


Kar Yue Chan, The Open University of Hong Kong, “Chinese Women’s Poetic Identities: Across Temporal and Cultural Boundaries through Translation”


Aiora Jaka, l’Université du Pays Basque, “L’importance de la traduction dans la ‘Nouvelle chanson basque'”


15:45 – 16:00 PAUSE/ BREAK (coffee/café)


16:00 – 16:30

Room/Salle: OAK-Oakham-Thomas Lounge


Cultural Performance – Our Land of Canada: Diversity and Peace by Moon Pointer Productions

(Sponsored by the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, York University)


16:45 – 18:00   Annual General Meeting/ Assemblée générale annuelle

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 303


18:30 pm+   CCLA Soirée de l’ACLC

The Wickson Social, 5 St Joseph St (1 block North of Wellesley Station, just West of Yonge street, 10 minute walk from campus)



MARDI / TUESDAY – May 30 mai 2017


Session 7/Séance 7   9:00 – 11:00


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 201


Traversing Media


Chair/Présidente: Iris Bruce, McMaster University


Iris Bruce, McMaster University, “Kafka Far and Wide”


David Mongor-Lizarrabengoa, Western University, “Bakhtin’s Theories of Common Language and Dialogism in Fargo


Christine Albert, Université de Montréal, “Le romanesque comme catégorie transmédiatique : des « romans romanesques » au cinéma”


Jing Xu, York University, “Xiao Hong’s Literary Imagination of Harbin Versus the Filmic Imagination of Xiao Hong in Harbin”

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 202


ROUNDTABLE: Digital Spatial Ecologies: Geolocating the Layers of History and Memory in New Media


Chair/Président: Markus Reisenleitner, York University


Jill Didur and Lai-Tze Fan, Concordia University


Agata Mergler, York University


Markus Reisenleitner, York University


Joshua Synenko, Trent University


Mark Terry, York University


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 204


In the Press


Chair/Présidente: Xueqing Xu, York University


Amy Steinepreis, University of Oxford, “Disruption of the New(s): Echoes of Journalism’s Evolution in Contemporary Australian and Francophone Literature”


Xueqing Xu, York University, “Sun Yat-sen and the Chee Kung Tong in Canada: Reading The Chinese Times (1907-1992) of Vancouver”


Esther R. Berry, Ryerson University, “The Politics of ‘Pigtails’: Chinese Hair Imports in the Intertextual Media of Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth-Century Popular Canadian and American Periodicals”


Jennifer Quist, University of Alberta, “Vivisections in the Laboratory of the Nobel Prize for Literature: Analyzing Twenty-five Years of the Swedish Academy’s Written Praise of Its Laureates”



11:00 – 11:15   BREAK/ PAUSE (coffee/café)


Session 8/Séance 8   11:15 – 12:45


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 201


Paradoxes of Desire and Rejection


Chair/Président: Kevin Wilson, TELUQ


Jeannine M. Pitas, University of Dubuque, “Attempts to Eat Beauty: Desire and Denial in Simone Weil and Marosa di Giorgio”


Haiyan Xie, University of Alberta, “Narrating China: Yan Lianke’s Humanistic Concerns and the Politics of his Mythorealism”


Kevin Wilson, TELUQ, “The Sacrificial Narrator: Scapegoating and Mimetic Desire in A True History of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson (1682)”

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 202


Politics, Resistance and Activisms


Chair/Présidente: Concetta Principe, York University


Concetta Principe, York University, “An Interdisciplinary Comparison of the Messianic in MacEwen’s T. E. Lawrence Poems and Robbins’ and Blanton’s Insurrectionist Manifesto


Irina Sadovina, University of Toronto, “Comparativity and Anti-Rape Discourse in Russia and North America”


John Nyman, Western University, “Duplicitous Citations: The Diverse Politics of Appropriation Literature”


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 204


Comparative Easts and Wests


Chair/Président: Paul D. Morris, Université de Saint-Boniface


Paul D. Morris, Université de Saint-Boniface, “Comparative Literature and the Challenge of Diversity”


Wang Xiaoyan, Xi’an International Studies University, “A Comparative Study of Cheng Zhongshi and Alice Munro: Through the Humanistic Lens”


Paul Bleton, Université Téluq, “C’est écrit en quelle langue?”


12:45 – 13:45 PAUSE/ BREAK (lunch options on campus)




Session 9/Séance 9   13:45 – 15:45


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 201


The Spiritual and the Supernatural


Chair/Présidente: Jing Xu, University of Posts and Telecommunications


Jing Xu and Tong Zhou, University of Posts and Telecommunications, “The Development of a Buddhist Theme in Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient and Divisadero


Yuan Zhang, University of Alberta,Lin Yutang’s Traveling Daoism in Moment in Peking


Miguel Nenevé, UNIR, “South American Magic as a Counter-discourse to European ‘Scientific’ Knowledge in Pauline Melville´s ‘The Parrot and Descartes'”

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 202


Politics, Trauma and Resistance


Chair/Président: Pietro Giordan, York University


Pietro Giordan, York University, “Dystopia and Amnesia in Wang Xiaobo’s Novel The Future World: Some Remarks”


Yiwen Liu, Simon Fraser University, “Cultural Imaginings in the Globalizing World”


Guan Beibei, Harbin Institute of Technology, “Benjamin’s Reading of Baudelaire: An Example of Cross-Temporal Reading”


Katelyn Dykstra, University of Manitoba, “What Can Trauma Theory Do for Intersex?: An Approach to Intersex Life-Writing”


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 204


Autobiography Life Writing


Chair/Présidente: Carrie Bettel, York University


Charles Reeve, OCAD University, “Symptoms of Sincerity: Art, Autobiography and the Conception of the Self”


Safaneh Mohaghegh, Neyshabouri University of Alberta, “Reading Alaviyyeh Kermani’s Journal of Hajj, the Holy Shrines, and the Naseri Court: Bargaining with Patriarchy through Life Writing”


Carrie Bettel, York University, “‘Immigrant in My Own Land’: Sayed Kashua and the Struggles of Finding the Authority to Represent a Culture”


Myer Siemiatycki, Ryerson University, “‘We, Polish Jews’: The Troubled Poetry, Identities and Legacy of Julian Tuwim, 1894-1953”


15:45 – 16:00   BREAK/ PAUSE (coffee/café)


Session 10/Séance 10   16:00 – 18:00


Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 201


Cosmopolitan Influences: Art and Travel


Chair/Président: Albert Braz, University of Alberta


Songyun Zheng, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, “Diasporic and Exile: Deromanticized Cosmopolitanism in Zadie Smith’s Swing Time and Chi Zijian’s Goodnight, Rose


Carlos Fuentes, McGill University, “Between Cosmopolitanism and Decadence: The Dilettante in Henry James’ The Ambassadors and Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks


Albert Braz, University of Alberta, “Tropical Escapes: Canadian Travellers, Latin America, and Sex”

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 202


Female Identities


Chair/Présidente: Pouneh Saeedi, University of Toronto


Eliziane Navarro and Elizabete Sampaio, UNEMAT (Brazil), “Two Women and a Destiny: Female Characters in Clarice Lispector and Maria Judite De Carvalho”


Valentin Duquet, Syracuse University, “La femme noire âgée dans le roman francophone: Entre mouroir et miroir”


Xie Qun, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, “Female Identity and Moral Dilemma in A Doll’s Eyes


Pouneh Saeedi, University of Toronto, “Winnie Verloc, A Case of Female Malady in The Secret Agent

Room/Salle: VIC-Victoria 204


ROUNDTABLE: Teaching, Interdisciplinarity, Technology, and Experimentation Beyond the Classroom


Chair/Président: Kat Sark, University of Victoria


Kathryn Franklin, York University


Kat Sark, University of Victoria


Peter Schweppe, McGill University


Joshua Synenko, Trent University



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