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CFP: Communities: LGBTQI Lives and Voices

CCLA annual meeting

May 28-30 • Calgary

This panel seeks innovative papers analyzing how the lives and voices of the LGBTQI communities influence our understanding of and experiences of community and literature. On behalf of the Comparative Gender Studies Committee (ICLA) and Canadian Comparative Literature Association (CCLA), this panel anticipates lively discussion in this understudied area. How does comparative literature in Canada represent the LGBTQI in our communities? Why is analysing the experiences of these communities important for comparative literature studies in Canada? Knowledge and understandings of shared values are created based on our respect for difference and diversity and our engagement with the communities we live in. A focus on connections between the individual, the local and the global can provoke new ways of thinking.

Presenters are invited to explore the multi-faceted definitions of gender and sexuality in relation to communities broadly defined. Paper topics are open but might include discussions of AIDS, incarceration, transgender rights, social media and online communities, health and science, surgeries and hormone therapy, theories of sex, pride weeks and parades, drag, marriage rights, and public safety.

Please submit 250-300 word abstracts for 20-minute presentations to the panel organizers Safaneh Mohaghegh Neyshabouri and Tegan Zimmerman to by December 8th, 2016.

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