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CFP: Sex and Capital (CCLA, Ottawa, 2015)

This panel seeks innovative papers analyzing the intersections of sex and capital. On behalf of the Comparative Gender Studies Committee (ICLA) and Canadian Comparative Literature Association (CCLA), this panel anticipates lively discussion in this understudied area. How does Canadian literature represent sex and capital? How can Comparative Literature as a discipline contribute to theorizing sex and capital both broadly and in a Canadian context? What are the implications of studying this topic?

How do we think about the intersections of sex and capital in what Beatriz Preciado calls the “pharmacopornographic era”?

Are sex and capital just another set of variables, just another set of desires, that ultimately become yet another example of “cruel optimism”? We think here of the all too common archetype of the extraordinarily wealthy lover in fiction, from Jane Austen to E. L. James.

Presenters are invited to explore the multi-faceted definitions of capital (important city, administrative centre, seat of government, wealth, money, funds, resources, investment, etc.) in relation to sex. Paper topics are open but might include pornography, prostitution, government legislation, funding, not for profit organizations, businesses, merchandise, advertising, and institutions.

Please submit 250-300 word abstracts for 20-minute presentations to the panel organizers, Jonathan Allen and Tegan Zimmerman to by December 15, 2014.

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