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CFP: Canadian Literature and the World (CCLA, Ottawa, 2015)

One way of judging the vitality of a literature is by assessing its place in the world beyond the borders of the society in which it is produced. This panel for the 2015 annual meeting of the Canadian Comparative Literature Association (CCLA) examines the robustness of Canadian literature in two contrasting ways: 1) by appraising translations of Canadian texts into other languages and cultures and 2) by analyzing translations of foreign texts by Canadians. In both cases, we will be raising such as questions as: How are texts transformed in the process of being conveyed into another language? Do they retain their initial national identity or are they invariably domesticated into the translating culture? Does the translation influence the original? Most important, what is the significance of having Canadian texts translated into other languages and of Canadians translating foreign texts in the twenty-first century?

Please submit 250-300 word abstracts for 20-minute presentations to the panel organizer, Albert Braz (, by December 15, 2014.

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