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CfP: CCLA special session

How do queer theories, gender and sexuality studies, or feminist perspectives relate to the topic of surveying Comparative Literature’s boundaries and borders? Sponsoring a special session in this year’s Canadian Comparative Literature Association’s (CCLA) program, The International Comparative Literature Association’s Committee on Comparative Gender Studies invites papers which engage specifically with the above topic and more broadly with this year’s CCLA’s general call for papers. As noted in the call for papers, “Comparative Literature is often seen as a quixotic discipline, since it attempts to cover not only the totality of literary production around the world but also the relations between literature and such diverse fields as music, sculpture, painting, theatre, and film, to say nothing of history, sociology, anthropology, folklore, and genetics.” Our committee is interested in exploring the above topics but by centralizing gender, sexuality, queer, and feminist studies. How are gender and sexuality studies refashioning and (trans)forming Comparative Literature? What role does, should, or can gender and sexuality play in the “interdisciplinarity, multidisciplinarity, or transdisciplinarity in Comparative Literature”? What are, if any, the limits or boundaries of gender and sexuality, and how do, or can, they relate to the discipline of Comparative Literature?

Please submit 250-300 word abstracts for 20-minute presentations by January 10th, 2014 to Tegan Zimmerman (, Liaison for the ICLA’s Committee on Comparative Gender Studies.