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Imaginations: Latest Issue

The latest issue of Imaginations has just been published.  You can access it online at



Imaginations issue 3-1, Summer 2012
Issue Editor | Daniel Laforest
Guest Artist — Tanya Ury
skype dialogue
Special Dossier — Stealing the Image
Michael Rodgers
Relationships of Ownership: Art and Theft in Bob Dylan’s 1960s Trilogy
Geneviève Cloutier
Portraits d’un imaginaire de l’avant-garde : le Carré noir sur fond blanc de Kazimir
Malevitch et ses réincarnations artistiques
Antonio Viselli
In Possession of a Stolen Weapon: From John Gay’s Macheath to Rubén Blades’
Pedro Navaja
Maria-Carolina Cambre
Stealing or Steeling the Image? The failed branding of the Guerrillero Heroico image
of Che Guevara
General Contributions
Christof Decker
Trauma Narratives, Mixed Media, and the Meditation on the Invisible
Susanne Kelley
Perceptions of Jewish Female Bodies through Gustav Klimt and Peter Altenberg
Review Essay
Sarah McGaughey
(E)merging Discourses: Architecture and Cultural Studies
Imaginations: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies
Imaginations: Revue d’études interculturelles de l’image
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