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Inquire Issue 1.2 Publication

The Editorial Team of Inquire: Journal of Comparative Literature is pleased to announce the publication of Issue 1.2 (June 2011) ‘Print History: Social Artifacts and Transnational Networks.’

The In Every Issue section presents the work of prominent scholars on issues directly relevant to the past, present and future of Comparative Literature in Canada and the world, including articles by Linda Hutcheon (Toronto), Irene Sywenky (Alberta) and Len Findlay (Saskatchewan).

The graduate student articles by Mary Isbell and Andrea Hasenbank provide two very different and intriguing examples of the sort of inquiry possible for comparative or interdisciplinary scholars engaged in or open to print history methodologies.

The reviews by Gabrielle Kristjanson (Alberta), Danielle Lamb (Alberta) and Linda J. Van Netten (Alberta) describe recent scholarship with a print history focus, and transnational networks in particular.

CL Hub offers new information and reports of direct consequence to students, teachers and scholars of Comparative Literature and the Arts.

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