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The 5th annual Graduate Conference in Comparative Literature at the University of Alberta will focus on the coordinates of comparison and Remappings/Rereadings: Global Dialogues between the East, West, North and South. Keynote Address by Dr. Zhang Hui, Peking University (others to be confirmed).

In 1799 Germaine de Stael wrote that there are ” two completely different kinds of literature… Southern and Northern… What I am going to call Southern literature includes the Greeks, the Romans, the Italians, the Spanish, and the French of Louis XIV’s time. English works, German works, and a few writings of the Danes and Swedes must be classified as Northern, along with the literature that began with the Scottish bards, Icelandic fables, and Scandinavian poetry.”
For the 5th-Annual Graduate Conference in Comparative Literature at the University of Alberta: Coordinates of Comparison we seek papers in world literature that expand and challenge Stael’s notion of a European ‘Northern and Southern’ to global points of intersection involving languages, literatures, cultures, economies, and nations.
Our conference invites you to explore and analyze this intellectual terrain from a variety of interdisciplinary critical perspectives. We invite papers for Remappings/Rereadings: Global Dialogues between East and West, North and South.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Occidentalism and/or Orientalism
  • Definitions of World Literature
  • National divides e.g., Western Canada/ Eastern Canada
  • International divides e.g., Northern Hemisphere/Southern Hemisphere
  • Indigenous Narratives, Histories, and Politics
  • Gender Crossings: Feminisms and Masculinities
  • Postcolonialism and Hybridity
  • Globalization and/or Transnationalism
  • Acts and Questions of Translations
  • Theory and Practice of Anthologizing Literature
  • Pop Culture on a Local, National or International Scale
  • Diaspora and the Centre-Periphery
  • Digital Divides and the Multi-Media Means of Communication
  • Religious Influences and Anxieties
  • Book History as a Comparative Methodology

Please submit abstracts of no more than 200 words by December 15th, 2010 to Conference participants will be encouraged to expand and revise their papers for submission to the January 2012 issue of /Inquire/, a peer-reviewed international journal of comparative literature. Please check our website for updates and information