PhD’s in Comparative Literature in Canada: List

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First NameLast NameInstitution of PhD StudiesDissertation topicDefence DateSupervisor
First NameLast NameInstitution of PhD StudiesDissertation topicDefence DateSupervisor
Vesna Leko University of Toronto Women in War, War in Women: A Comparative Study of Matute, Morante and Velmar Jankovic Current
Jeanne Mathieu Lessard University of Toronto Humour and Imprisonment in Twentieth-Century Fiction Current
Emilie McCabe University of Toronto Reading and the Canon: The Implication for Science Fiction Current
Natalie Pendergast University of Toronto Imitating Life: The Practice of Self-Making in In French and English Autobiographical Graphic Novel Current
Sita Rao University of Toronto Colour Blinds: Race, Miscegenation and Visuality in Post-Colonial Europhone Mixed-Race Fiction Current
Teresa Russo University of Toronto The Moralization of Classical Myths in Renaissance Humanism and Marianne Moore Current
Tetiana Soviak University of Toronto Representations of Work in Literature and Film Current
Rachel Freedman Stapleton University of Toronto Autobiographical Strategies of Petition in Spanish and English Women’s Letters, 1530–1630 Current
Catherine Schwartz University of Toronto Bells and Whistles: The Sounds of Nineteenth-Century French and English Literature. Current
Kristina Syvarth University of Toronto The Marginalized Avant-Garde: Performance and Performativity in the Works and Lives of Daniil Kharms and Boris Vian Current
Karen Yaworski University of Toronto Camaraderies Thick and Thin: Black Identities in Dialogue Current
Natalie Pendergast University of Toronto Imitating Life: The Practice of Self-Making in In French and English Autobiographical Graphic Novel 2015
Lukasz Wodzynski University of Toronto Romance as an Experimental Form in Polish and Russian Early Modernism 2015
Ronald Ng University of Toronto The Ethics of Transference in Trauma Discourse 2015
Yan Lu University of Toronto E/Motion: The Affective Recognition in Multilingual Chinese Canadian Literature 2015
Yi Chen University of Toronto A Phenomenological Approach To Comparison: The Non-metaphorical Poetics of Paul Celan and Wang Wei 2014
Jeannine Marie Pitas University of Toronto Against Ulro: On the creation of poetic space in the work of Delmira Agustini, Alejandra Pizarnik and Marosa di Giorgio 2014
Julie Parisien University of Toronto Derrida in Wonderland: The Readability of ‘Postmodern’ Texts Across Genres 2014
Yan Lu University of Toronto 2008
Kara Abdolmaleki University of Toronto The Return of the Repressed: Revolt against Post-coup Modernization of Iran in Literature and Film 2008
Katie Alexander University of Toronto Examining Themes of Gender in Carmen Riera's Short Fiction 2008
Reem Alzaid University of Alberta The Ethics of Prophecy, Utopian Dream and Dystopian Reality: a Comparative Stud of Thomas More's Utopia and Khalil Gibran's The Prophet N/A
Rasoul Aliakbari University of Alberta Trans-national Critical Print Culture of the Arabian Nights and a Revisionist Historiography of the Modernist Nation-State N/A
Bashair Alibrahim University of Alberta  L'auto-traduction dans le monde arabe à travers l'espace et le temps/Self-translation in the Arab World through Space and Time N/A
Sabujkoli Bandopadhyay University of Alberta  Dominant, Dormant and Emergent Tendencies in the Twentieth Century Working-Class Novel N/A
Houssem Ben Lazreg University of Alberta  The Arab Spring: the translator as an agent of political/social change N/A
Nataliya Bezborodova University of Alberta  Narratives and Visual Arts of Maidan within Ukrainian Uprising November 2013-February 2014 N/A
Jennifer Boivin University of Alberta  Body and Movement: Russian émigré Animation in France and Soviet Animation N/A
Larisa Cheladyn University of Alberta Stitched Narratives: The Ukrainian Canadian Embroidered Pillow  N/A
Guangfeng Chen University of Alberta  Ideological Construction of China's Image in Discourses on "Global Climate Change" in the Western Media and the Chinese Media N/A
Stephen Cruikshank University of Alberta  Clandestine Cuba: Power, Resistance, and Anti-modernity in the Cuban Black Market N/A
Elli Dehnavi University of Alberta  Screened Voices: A Critical Study of Body, Gender, and Sexuality in Iranian and Afghan Cinema N/A
Nadya Foty University of Alberta  Fieldwork: The Complex Dynamics of Meta-Ethnography N/A
Jay Friesen University of Alberta  Little Mosque, Big Ambitions: Considering Canadian Comedy as Anti-Racism N/A
Marine Gheno University of Alberta  Literary Scandals around Francophone Women Writers N/A
Adrien Guyot University of Alberta  L'Amérique, un ailleurs partagé N/A
Hansy Herrera University of Alberta  Narcoculture and its Implications on Body Representations N/A
Jasmin Hirschberg University of Alberta  Student-guided Grammar Instruction in the Foreign Language Classroom N/A
Olena Hlazkova University of Alberta  The Image of a Woman -- Migrant and Its Evaluation in Modern Ukrainian Literature N/A
Jessica Holtby University of Alberta Self-translation of Songs: Issues of Equivalence, Faithfulness, and Translatability  N/A
Anton Iorga University of Alberta  Translating Grief: Diasporic Indigenous Hip-hop, Spoken Word Poetry, and Poetic Oral Literature as the Rebirth of Traditional Storytelling N/A
Olga Ivanova University of Alberta  Translating Ethnic Humour of Audiovisual Texts: the Case of American Animated Feature Films and their Translation into Ukrainian and French N/A
Diana Ivanycheva University of Alberta  Art in Andrei Tarkovsky's Art Cinema N/A
Amir Khadem University of Alberta  Endemic Pains and Pandemic Traumas: On the Literary Construction of Collective Memory N/A
Dennis Kilfoy University of Alberta  Where were you on the night...: Time and Space in Boris Akunin and Fyodor Dostoevsky N/A
Natalia Kovaliova University of Alberta  The Representation of Madness in Contemporary Ukrainian Literature N/A
Victoria Kushelnyk University of Alberta  Mirrors and Mirages: The Dystopian Impulse in Nineteenth-Century French and British Fiction N/A
Danielle Lamb University of Alberta  Writing the Nation: A Comparison of Métis and Chicano/a Children's Literature N/A
Mary Catherine Lawler University of Alberta  The Paper Bag: Anxiety and its A/Effects in Contemporary German and US-American Intermedia N/A
Jeffrey Longard University of Alberta  The Endurance of Language: Overcoming Power Structures in French Intra-lingual Translation N/A
Sylvia Madueke University of Alberta  Postcolonial Literature, Translation and Intercultural Communication: A Study of Fifty Years of Nigerian Literature in French Translation (1966-2015) N/A
Asma M'Barek University of Alberta  Reconciling CEFR and Poetry in FSL Courses N/A
Mansoureh Modarres University of Alberta Re-imagining Female Subjectivity through Narratives: A Transnational Study of Contemporary Women's Writings in Persian and English N/A
Shahin Moghaddasi Sarabi University of Alberta  Genre Analysis of Research Articles in Mathematics N/A
Safaneh Mohaghegh Neyshabouri University of Alberta  Women and Political Change: A Study of Life-writing by Iranian and Iranian Diaspora Women Writers N/A
Shanna Mumm University of Alberta  Bringing Forth Senghor's Revolution of 1889: Awakening the Age of Intuition N/A
Mimi Okabe University of Alberta  Narrating Nation: A Cross Cultural Exploration of the Child Detective in Japanese Manga and Western Children's Detective Fiction N/A
Svitlana Panenko University of Alberta  Taboo Subjects in Post-Soviet Photography and Film N/A
Jérémie Pelletier Gagnon University of Alberta  Playing in Public: Game Design and Social Affordances in Japanese Arcades N/A
Axel Perez University of Alberta  The Wide and Silent Land: An Ecocritical Approach to Latin American Plains, Literature, and Gender N/A
Wioletta Polanski University of Alberta  The Polysystem Approach to the Translation of Magdalena Samozwaniec's Maria i Magdalena N/A
Daria Polianska University of Alberta  Derrida's Deconstructive Principles in V. Vynnychevko's Play "The Blank Panther and the Polar Bear" N/A
Lars Richter University of Alberta  Echoes and Oscillations: Modes of Realistic Writing and the Re-Politicization of Fiction in the Work of Juli Zeh N/A
Angela Sacher University of Alberta  Johanna Kinkel's Novel Hans Ibeles in London: Translation and Assessment N/A
Silvia Sgaramella University of Alberta  A Man Out of His Time: Cultural Influences in Maximus the Greek's Thought and Misfortunes N/A
Shahnaz Shahtoosi University of Alberta  Dubbing of English and French Films in the Iranian Context N/A
Olena Sivachenko University of Alberta  The Role of Podcasts in the Development of Pragmatic Competence in Ukrainian L2 Classrooms at the Post-Secondary Level N/A
Jesus Toapanta University of Alberta  Language Learning Strategies: The Effects of Different Types of Strategy Instruction on Listening N/A
Regan Treewater University of Alberta  The Russian-Jewish Immigration Literature: Cultural Identity Constructions in the Diaspora N/A
Mingxing Wang University of Alberta  Translation as a Productive Cultural Space: Gao Xingjian in Translation N/A
Pengfei Wang University of Alberta N/A N/A
Yan Wang University of Alberta N/A N/A
Haiyan Xie University of Alberta N/A N/A
Wenjuan Xie University of Alberta  (Trans)Culturally Transgendered: Reading Transgender Narratives in (Late) Imperial China N/A
Sergiy Yakovenko  University of Alberta Ecological Ideologies of Modernity and Their Temporal-Spatial Representations in Canadian, Russian, and Polish Literatures of the Twentieth Century N/A
Viktoriya Yakovlevya University of Alberta  Child out of Work: 1991 and the Negation of Childhood in Ukraine N/A
Lina Ye University of Alberta  The Phenomenon of Bestsellers in Orthodox Christianity in Contemporary Russia N/A
Jiaying You University of Alberta  The Research of Chinese Folk Dance in Canada N/A
Marie-Eve Fleury University of Montreal Variations on affect: thinking of affect around Ingeborg Bachmann N/A
Nicola Giovagnoli University of Montreal Los disfraces de la disidencia en la música cubana alternativa N/A
Marie-Christine Boucher University of Montreal Hugo Loetscher and linguistic impurity: AS tischört und plutschins: translation and analysis of adaptation processes N/A
Nicolas Beauclair University of Montreal Éticas indígenas in colonial discursos de los Andes y de Quebec: análisis, there interpretación perspectivas N/A
Janne Cleveland University of Carleton Getting in the car to Weirdsville: taking a trip with Ronnie Burkett Theatre of Marionettes 2008
Craig DeQuetteville University of Carleton Concepts of selfhood in Elias Canetti's Autobiographischen Schriften and Samuel Beckett's Nohow on 2004
P. Michel Chevrier University of Carleton The oral stage: a comparative study of Franco-Ontarian drama from 1970 to 2000 2004
Mariana Paula Pensa University of Carleton "Burguesia, inmigracion, sociedad y cultura: una perspectiva comparada de los grotescos italiano y criollo". 2002
Zhigang Huang University of Carleton Chinese scar literature on the Cultural Revolution as testimony 2001
Joseph Khoury University of Carleton Machiavellian providential politics in Marlowe and Shakespeare : a comparative perspective 2001
Christine Mitchell University of Carleton The ideal ruler as intertext in 1-2 chronicles and the Cyropaedia 2001
Juliana Starkman University of Carleton Caveat emptor: consumer culture and the post-dictatorship nuevas narrativas of Argentina, Chile and Spain. 2000
Maria Teresa Lichem University of Carleton Reading the feminine voice in Latin American women's fiction; from Teresa de la Parra to Elena Poniatowska and Luisa Valenzuela. 1999
Janice Zehentbauer Western University Scintillating Scotoma: Migraine and Perception in European Literature, 1860-1900 2015
Aviva Atlani Western University The Ha-Ha Holocaust: Exploring Levity Amidst the Ruins and Beyond in Testimony, Literature and Film 2014
Agnieszka Herra Western University Dissertation work analyzes how novels look back on social movements and examines the effect of rhetoric and collective memory on individual participants. Her analysis focuses on novels written after the American Civil Rights Movement and the Polish Solidarity movement 2014
Nazia Naseem Akhtar Western University From Nizam to Nation: The Representation of Partition in Literary Narratives about Hyderabad, Deccan 2013
Ndeye Fatou Ba Western University Enunciation and Plurilingualism in the Francophone and Anglophone African Novel 2013
Roberta Cauchi Santoro Western University Beyond the Suffering of Being: Desire in Giacomo Leopardi and Samuel Beckett 2013
Katarzyna Jasinski Western University Magic(infra)realism: Jetztzeiten of Believability and Latin American History in García Márquez’s Cien años de soledad and Otoño del patriarca 2013
Ndeye Ba Western University Enunciation and Plurilingualism in the Francophone and Anglophone African Novel 2013
Tamara Kowalski Western University Through the Carnival Looking Glass: A Carnivalesque Reading of Bruno Schulz's A Street of Crocodiles and Guy Davenport's A Table of Green Fields 2013